Be inspired by 10 stories of Powerful Life Changing Conversations.

The Best Planning starts with a Conversation

This is a Book about unique and individual Stories from 10 successful business women & men on important, authentic & effective conversations.


The Chapters:

Not All Scars are Ugly – by Cindy Warren – Breakfast & Radio Announcer

An honest and raw account that of a mother’s most haunting challenge.

The Unapologetic You – by Veronika Whyte – Behaviour Specialist & Educator

The valuable art of the Conversation.

Shit Monday – by Suzanne Mills – Clinical Hypnotherapist and Holistic Counselor

A very real and funny story of our reluctance to share.

Life of Vision & Purpose – Tendai Togara – NLP Practitioner & Business Consultant

A powerful story of when not to speak and listening to understand.

Social Media; a place for Powerful Conversations – by Julianne Impiccini – Educator, Writer & Advocate.

A story of finding what you need from the most unexpected of conversations.

Powerful Conversations = Insain Listening – by Sain Dzemail – Youth Worker & Counselor

Striking words on the power of listening

Brave The World & Dare To Be You – by Melissa Krestensen – Reiki Teacher, Tantra Practitioner & Coach for Women & Couples

The most powerful conversation of all – the one we must have with ourselves.

Talking to Yourself: Madness or Mastery – by Greg Diamond – Physiotherapist.

The voice inside your head, what is it saying?

Natural Transformations – Demi Tolikas – Naturopath, Nutritionist, Access Bars & Access Body Facilitator.

Healing words of self-love

The Silent Conversation – by Hazel Todd – Solicitor

Braving the conversations that we most need to have, leaving your legacy for those your love






This simple and easy-to-read book will help you discover…. more of yourself, how to speak up, how to be authentically & un-apologetically you, to brave the world and have powerful conversations with yourself and others!

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