Powerful Conversations ebook


Be inspired by the real life stories of 10 authors from different walks of life on what it means to have that Powerful Conversation. How a conversation can be life changing and meaningful.

And why you should have that Powerful Conversation to profoundly affect your life.


Be inspired by 10 stories of Powerful Life Changing Conversations.

This is a Book about unique and individual Stories from 10 successful business women & men on important, authentic & effective conversations.

The Chapters:

Not All Scars are Ugly – by Cindy Warren – Breakfast & Radio Announcer

An honest and raw account that of a mother’s most haunting challenge.

The Unapologetic You – by Veronika Whyte – Behaviour Specialist & Educator

The valuable art of the Conversation.

Shit Monday – by Suzanne Mills – Clinical Hypnotherapist and Holistic Counselor

A very real and funny story of our reluctance to share.

Life of Vision & Purpose – Tendai Togara – NLP Practitioner & Business Consultant

A powerful story of when not to speak and listening to understand.

Social Media; a place for Powerful Conversations – by Julianne Impiccini – Educator, Writer & Advocate.

A story of finding what you need from the most unexpected of conversations.

Powerful Conversations = Insain Listening – by Sain Dzemail – Youth Worker & Counselor

Striking words on the power of listening

Brave The World & Dare To Be You – by Melissa Krestensen – Reiki Teacher, Tantra Practitioner & Coach for Women & Couples

The most powerful conversation of all – the one we must have with ourselves.

Talking to Yourself: Madness or Mastery – by Greg Diamond – Physiotherapist.

The voice inside your head, what is it saying?

Natural Transformations – Demi Tolikas – Naturopath, Nutritionist, Access Bars & Access Body Facilitator.

Healing words of self-love

The Silent Conversation – by Hazel Todd – Solicitor

Braving the conversations that we most need to have, leaving your legacy for those your love


Powerful Conversations Anthology


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